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Moose Pondering ‘Pondering Moose’

An original by Carole Williams painted on slab wood. It measures approximately 8 1/2 tall x 81 1/2 inches long and hangs with picture wire and would enhance any rustic setting.

Water Wheel‘Water Wheel’

An original by local artist Herb Rogers. Herb is a multi-talented individual who began began his painting career  creating, ‘Cereal Box Paintings.’  His beginnings were painted onto the inside cardboard he cut form cereal boxes.  Hence the name.  They are quite good.  Now matted and available.  Each is an original.

Schroon Lake ‘Another Day Older’

This original is by local artist Merilee Litwa.  She is a self taught painter from Luzerne, NY.   Merilee says  “All I know is what I have learned by trial and error, and what I like and look for in a painting.”  In addition to some originals we have various size matted prints and note cards by the well known local artist  Merilee Litwa.

Memory's of the past‘Yester-Year’

This original was painted by Herb Rogers.   It certainly has the ability to provoke memories in many of us while providing a glimpse into the past for the younger viewer.  Frame to frame this piece measures approximately fourteen inches wide by nine inches tall.

I'm Innocent ‘I’m Innocent’

This fun piece is an original by Merilee Litwa of The Pines Studio in Luzerne, NY . It’s obvious this little guy is a bundle of energy just waiting for someone to play with. The painting with frame measures approximately 13 x 16 inches.

 Two Trout In Cover‘Winter Scene’

An original by C.A. Girard painted in  2011.  This sleepy winter village could exist just about anywhere.   Frame to frame it measures approximately twenty-four inches wide by twenty inches tall.

Schroon Lake‘Twilight Adirondacks’

This is an original by local artist Merilee Litwa of The Pines Studio in Luzerne Luzerne, NY.   It measures approximately eighteen inches wide by twenty-two inches tall frame to frame.  Available in prints and cards as well.

 Two Trout In Cover‘Peace’

An original by Carole K. Williams.  This  painting of a man walking his horse is done on museum canvas and is appropriately named conveying  a feeling of peace.    Measuring approximately eleven inches wide by fourteen inches tall and can even backlit to create a unique perspective.


More Art

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